Experience & Success

Timing and intuition have played a key role in the success of Taz Anderson Realty. Knowing when to buy and forecasting the major growth areas in the Atlanta market has been the signature of success for this experienced real estate team.

Assembling land, managing the rezoning process, negotiating, and finding buyers are just a few of the services offered by the Taz Anderson Realty team.

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Father & Son

Led by the father-son team of Taz Anderson and Geoff Anderson, Taz Anderson Realty Company is dedicated to advancing business with the wisdom and integrity necessary to exceed the expectations of our partners and our customers. Geoff’s naval experience and leadership in the marketing division of Gallo Wines has been integral in shaping the success of each development.

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Packaging the Deal

Anticipating the future growth areas for real estate is a forty year success story for the Taz Anderson Realty team. Assembling the team to take these acquisitions to market is another important part of their expertise and one that has resulted in financial success for both our company and our partners.

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